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Aslı Dayıoğlu | About
Aslı Dayıoğlu | About
Aslı Dayıoğlu, “Ben sinemacılık ile yoğurulmuş bir fotoğrafçı ve fotoğraf kökenli bir sinemacıyım. Bu nedenle bana ait her karenin mutlaka bir hikayesi vardır ” mottosu ile deklanşöre basmaya devam ediyor.
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professional photographer

Aslı Dayıoğlu is a photographer who graduated from the Photography Department of Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, and began her career in the film industry as an assistant director for films, TV shows, plays, and commercials. However, her passion for photography eventually took over, and she transitioned to focusing on photography.

Combining her cinematic perspective, photography knowledge, and passion, Aslı Dayıoğlu has created her own unique photography style. She is also active in the advertising industry, and has established herself as a creative force in fashion photography, portrait photography, and architectural photography.

Aslı Dayıoğlu believes that every photograph she takes has a story to tell, and describes herself as a photographer with a background in film, and a filmmaker with roots in photography. She continues to capture moments and create images that showcase her creative vision and passion for the art of photography.